Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally an update!

Ok ok I really want to blog more but everytime I sit down to do it lately I find I have nothing exciting to say so I just read everyone else's news and get off. But after a discussion with my wondeful mother-in-law I have resolved to give many uneventful boring posts from this point on... :) No but seriously I am really going to work on this! As it just so happens I do have some fun pictures to put on today and some stories to go with them, its another long one of course but the end is the fair and so cute so bear with me. :) Here it goes....

Since my brushing post was on here for soooooo long I thought it appropriate to start this one off with a picture of Ty brushing. Plus he is just so gosh dang cute that I have to fill this blog with pictures of him. (you cant tell I love him or anything right?) :)We just got him all ready for church and we were brushing our teeth and so of course he had to do his as well. He does finally have four teeth now so it does make a little more sense. :)
Isn't this outfit the cutest? He has a suit coat as well but it was pretty warm that day. We could use it now though!We had to replace our garbage disposal and the whole time Joe was doing it Ty would not leave him alone. He kept taking away the tools and trying to get underneath the sink so as soon as Joe was done we let him get under there. He thought he was being such a big help. :)Tyler LOVES to eat! As I said in an earlier post he always pulls things out of the fridge and eats them off the floor. So this day I thought I would beat him to the punch and just fed him his grapes right there. He loved feeling like he was doing something he wasn't supposed to. You can tell by the look on his face like he just got caught.

While the State Fair was here we thought it would be fun to take Ty because he LOVES animals so my friend Alisa invited us and we jumped on it. When Ty first saw this goat he laughed and would pet it, but then it made a really loud sound and he wouldn't touch it after that. He would just stare at it and bark. (He thinks every animal barks) It was very cute!

This cow was HUGE but of course he loved it. He was barking and howling at it the whole time. What can I say I guess having a dog has rubbed off on my son. :)
So I know I look like a freak in this one but I was trying to teach him that sheep say BAAAAA!

It was a fun night and we are sooo glad we did it! :)