Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy is what happens when your dreams come true...

If I had to choose one passion in my life, the thing I enjoy the very most in the world, it would undoubtedly be music. It has been a major part of my life and I have not been able to live without it since I was two. Although I do not like to perform anymore, in the privacy of my own home you will find me belting out tunes at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I feel very sorry for my neighbors, and not to mention my poor family. ;) There is nothing that can lift my spirits or calm me down from a stressed out rage more than being in my bathroom singing. Musicals in particular are a favorite for me because they give you characters and stories to relate to through the music. When I was seven my parents took me to see the Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. I had the CD for months before and would listen to nothing else. I dug my fingernails into my moms arm the entire performance and when we left I felt like I truely was Christine. In fact I insisted that I was going to change my name and that everyone should call me that from then on. Luckily it didn't stick. ;) But I love how for just that moment you can be whoever you want to be and experience anything.

Lately I feel like my whole life is one big compilation of all the music I have stored away and that I am singing my way through it, like some lucky movie star. I have been a little consumed with a particular album lately so if this post is a little "Wicked" you will have to forgive me. ;) I seriously feel so blessed lately. Having two kids has filled a huge hole I didn't even know was there. I cannot believe how it has completed me. I couldn't be happier... And not like Glinda, I feel like this all came at very little cost to me. I never really wanted kids. I was scared and liked my life the way it was, and so when Ty was born I was very overwhelmed and had some large adjustments to make. This time around I feel like it has been a breeze (aside from recovery and sickness of course)! But really the adjustment has been zero. From the second little Jax was brought into my life two kids just fit. Sure it is a little more hectic but it gives me so much more purpose as a mother. I think I could have about 10 more! ;)

I mean seriously how can you not smile when you see this darling little angel?! And he was only an hour old here. He is such a perfect little baby and has such a sweet temperment.

My two precious babes and their first looks at each other. From the very first second they have had nothing but love, not an ounce of jealousy. How did I get so lucky?

My three boys. :) This is pretty much my favorite picture in the whole wide world! Man I love having boys! It may be dirty and chaotic but it is the sweetest thing ever and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

He loves being a big brother. I could not have gotten a sweeter boy first. He is so tender and just wants to help ALL the time! He gets so concerned when his little brother cries and will not go anywhere without him. They're already best friends.

Our first family photo. This picture seriously just makes me rejoicify! I feel soooo incredibly blessed! This past Mothers Day I was faced with several trials for other people and my heart just ached for them. I came home that night and looked at my life and wondered why things are so good for us right now. I know we each have times of good and times of hardship and that the bad times are what make us appreciate the good. So heres to appreciating my life, for the good and the bad, cause while we are in the good now I could be trying to sing the world away in my bathroom tomorrow. For now I am enjoying singing my way through happily. I am so grateful for my wonderful hubby and for the great Mothers Day he gave me. I would not be a Mom if it weren't for him! So kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity!