Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A great way to end summer

So a few weeks ago my parents took our little family up to flaming gorge for a last quick trip of the summer. They had been keeping their boat up there for a few weeks and had found a really neat K.O.A. to stay at so we decided to check it out. We only stayed one night but we had almost two full days on the lake. Boating is my absolute most favorite thing to do in the whole world, and plus it was so great to just get away and have a little mini vacation. Ty did so great the whole time we left early in the morning on Friday so he slept alot of the way there and he LOVED camping and being on the boat. He was a trooper. :) Thanks so much Mom and Dad for an awesome weekend! It was a great way to say goodbye to the warm weather cause we are certainly in the freezing now! Here are some pics, there are some funny ones at the end. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

These were the little cabins we stayed in. It was so nice to not stay in a tent with Ty! He did so much better in his crib here then in Bear Lake. :) They were a really good price also!
After a long day on the boat. We came back and had dinner and just let Ty play around in the dirt. He is ALL boy and loved every minute of it.

Grandpa showing Ty the fish he just caught. He loved them and so did Daisy. Everytime my Dad or Joe would throw one in the boat they would both go crazy. They loved to watch them flop all over the floor.

Ty got brave enough to touch one and then he would look up and smile. He was a little nervous but he liked it as well. There is a "live well" on the boat that the fish can swim in after you catch them and he just wanted us to hold him above it so he could watch them. Everytime we would set him down he would walk over and point to it and say fsh fsh. He is already growing up to be a little fisherman. :)

My two boys hanging on the boat drinking their water bottles. It was sooooo pretty up there! Driving through the canyons on the water was AWESOME!

So this is where you can all think I am a bad mother... I have always thought that Ty thinks he is part dog. He has been walking for months now but still crawls around everywhere after Daisy, he howls at EVERYTHING, and up here he did a new one... Yes he DRANK out of daisy's water bowl! Now most kids would pick up the water bowl like a cup right???? Not ty! He got down on all fours and was lapping it up like a dog! Dont worry though after he first crawled up to it we put fresh water in. :)

Here is a closer look at the "Ty doggie" He thought he thought he was being very funny.
This is after he is very full of water. He knew he was being very cute. :)