Friday, December 3, 2010

"Summ" catch up!

So I know this post is from forever ago but I FINALLY got my pictures on here. :) They go clear back to February so I debated even doing some from back then but for now we will start here. Luckily I didn't take alot of pictures this summer so I will just post about the ones I do have pics of since I already told about everything we did a few months ago. :) I had to put Ty's birthday on here even though it was clear back in June. We just had a little party with our families. It was nothing fancy just presents, cake and ice cream but Ty loved it! It was so fun to watch him get the concept of opening presents. Now that Christmas is almost here and there are presents everywhere he wants to open them all. I keep telling him that Santa will bring him some on Christmas and I think he is starting to get the idea. :) I am very excited for Christmas morning.

So here is his cake... He did not understand all the singing and blowing out the candle but he loved the Dinosaur on it. However in August his cousin turned three and after her party he walked around singing happy birthday for several weeks and pretending to blow out anything that remotely resembled a candle. It was very cute. :)

This was the first gift he opened so I had to help at first but once he realized there were toys inside he jumped right in and ripped all the wrapping paper off.

I was afraid that once he got one toy he would just want to play with it and forget about all the others he had to open. No way! He was more into the opening than the toys themselves. :) Once they were all opened he looked around and said "mess" and started cleaning up all the paper before he started to play. He is very into having things organized (something he got from me poor guy) But he still makes his share of chaos and messes. Especially lately!

We went back and forth between this car and a bike but finally settled on this thinking that he was to little for a bike. Yeah right! He likes this car but it totally obsessed with bikes so we now know what is coming for him this June!

I found this little weed whacker and thought he would love to cut the grass like Dad. It makes really cute sounds. Instead he thinks it is a vacuum and walks around the house "cleaning" I guess he does spend quite a bit more time with Mom so he would want to clean. He loved the glasses though and would just wear them everywhere.
I already told about our trip to Cali in August but I had to put some pics on. We stayed with my sister for part of it but we also went beach camping which was a first for us. It was so awesome! This is our camp and yes that is the ocean in the background. :) There is a private beach just below those cliffs that we spent every day on. It was so nice to have all your stuff and food right there so you just go back to camp for lunch and then have your campfire at night. Much better than camping in the freezing mountains! Plus the sound of the waves all night wasn't to bad either. :)

Ty went crazy on the beach. He really never wanted to leave. He loved running away from the waves and chasing seagulls. He explored everything. We even caught a lobster and a huge crab in the water. Makes you think twice about what else you are swimming with. ;)

This is one of our favorite beaches in Newport. These rocks are fun to walk out on and find things in and they make the waves come in just perfect. Ty approved as well.
It was pretty breezy this day so I was laying by the warm sand. Ty stopped playing and brought his towel over to lay next to me. He thought he was pretty cool doing what I was doing.
Then he ended up laying on me. :) It was such a fun day!

Our fam on the jetty.

So Joe turned the big 30 this year! I know I am married to an old man... ;) haha I threw him a surprise party and then we went and played laser tag. I dont believe it but I have no pictures of the party! :( I am horrible at taking pictures... Anyways for his gift I gave him Brad Paisley tickets. We have never done the grass seats so I thought it would be fun to try. We loved it! They were much cheaper and you have all the space in the world to lay down.

My brother and his wife had never been to a country concert so we talked them into trying it. I am still not sure what they thought of it but we were so glad they were there with us. It was a great concert. We love Mr. Paisley! :)

So that was a little late but nice to have some sun from summer in this FREEZING weather we are having! I love the snow until after Christmas so we are trying to enjoy it for now. I hope everyone is doing great getting ready for the holidays. We got our tree up extra early this year because I am doubling in size everyday... I am just hoping I last all the way to February! We are going crazy doing the Christmas thing and trying to move things around for this little one on the way. I hope we can get it all done before I am glued to the couch. Anyone want to take a crazy two year old for the next few months???? I would sure get alot more done!