Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open House!!

Alright everyone... I am throwing an open house next Wednesday night (the 29th). I know it is really short notice but I would love to have anyone there that wants to be. It is for this new vinyl thing that I just started and it is AWESOME! Seriously if I could put the catalog on here you would all be in love with it. I know I am! Plus any of you that want to see my house this is a good time as well. :) It is just open house style from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. So anytime you could make it would work. It's going to be a fun girls night out. I will be having yummy refreshments too! :) If you want to have a preview of what they have you can go to my website at and view all the products in their catalog. They have a lot of really beautiful things. So if any of you are looking for vinyl or just something fantastic for your home please come that night I would appreciate it a lot! RSVP me either on here or my cell (801) 361-9459. I look forward to seeing you all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The best homecoming ever!!

After a LONG 18 months of being without my parents the wait finally came to an end. Wednesday night at about 8:30 my parents flew in from Cambodia and ended their mission!!! My whole family went to the airport to welcome them in, we had big banners and lots of yellow balloons. I think it was a little overwhelming to them to see how big their family has gotten. They were so cute coming down the escalators, it was the best sight ever. :) It has been so great to have them home, their homecoming is on Sunday at 9:00 AM if anyone is interested let me know and I will get you more details. This week has been WAY hectic for me getting ready for them to come home, and I started a new job... Needless to say I am glad it is over!

All of us waiting. There is quite the crowd!
Coming down the escalator... The first time we saw them! :)

Ty saying hi to Grandpa. I love this it is so sweet!

My cute Mom. A little overwhelmed but happy. :)

This one was to cute to pass. This is Ty with his cousin Autumn at my parents house after the airport.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

House pics

So I have been planning on having a house warming party for EVER! But... Life just keeps getting crazier! So just incase I never get around to it (since we have lived here for 4 months now Ahhh) I thought I would post some pictures of our house for those that have not seen it yet. There are just a few and they were taken when we just moved in so it is decorated a lot cuter now I promise. ;) I will post better pics later of the inside. And I hope to have you all here soon. :)
This pic is really dark but this is the entry and you can see into the family room with the big windows. That railing is for the stairway going to the basement. Its not finished but Joe has been working really hard and has it all framed and all the heat vents run now so we will see how soon it gets done. :)
This is just around the corner from the entry. Its the kitchen and dining.
Here is the front. I love how the fog makes the trees all frosty like that. I have never seen that happen until we moved here. I guess with the moisture in the air from the lake it just collects on the trees. I dont know but I like it. :)

And another front view. I am very glad it isnt snowy like that anymore! I will definitely take our little snow storms that we have had lately over this! Even though I wish it would just warm up all together.