Monday, February 15, 2010

The land of paradise

Ok we are going crazy packing for ANOTHER trip today but really quick before I add another thing to be blogged about to my long list I thought I would get one out from under my belt... I know I am going backwards but back in November my great parents took me and Joe to Hawaii!! It was such a needed escape and we enjoyed it so much. It was the first time I have ever left Ty and it was soooooo hard! I thought he was going to think that I had abandoned him. :( But when we got home he just came into my arms and squoze (spelling???) me so tight! He had been just fine and forgot all about us until we came in the door. We are leaving him again tomorrow and I hope he does the same thing... :( So to prepare for this trip we made some room on our camera and finally got the pictures on here! So here are some highlights of our warm sunny vacation. This one is going to be just the opposite!

This was the view from our back patio. We stayed in the condos at the Turtle Bay resort. It is on the beach and a golf course... You cant get much more heavenly than that! :)

Of course we went to Pearl Harbor and saw all the sights there. Very neat to learn the history and see it all.

We spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center and it was very fun. They take you around to all the different "lands" and you get to try things from their culture and watch lots of shows. We loved it!

Here we are with my parents in the Figi part. Everywhere we went the entire trip we were meeting people and they would all put lai's on us. By the time we were through with this ONE day we each had four on. We probably got about 10 or 12 throughout the course of the trip. They are made from fresh flowers and some with shells and they get pretty heavy when you have that many on! :)

This is the temple in Laie. We really wanted to do a session but it is closed for renovation. :( But the grounds were beautiful!

This was our favorite beach that we kept coming back to. There is a little island called Goat Island a little ways out into the ocean but when the tide is right you can walk on the reef and get clear out to it. We did it and the water was up to about my shoulders at some points but around Joes waist cause he is so much taller than me! :) I was nervous the waves were going to wash me off the reef but we made it great.

We loved beach hoping and just tried to do different beaches most the time.

When we got home Ty and Daisy were sooooo sweet and excited! Ty took my lai right off me and had to wear it around. It was great to get back and be a Mom again. :) I missed him sooooooo much!