Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ty's blog

So.... Ty was getting a little sick of seeing his Daddys bum crack on here so he got on the computer to give a new update. I have been wanting to update for awhile but didn't have anything real exciting to post. Not much has changed around here except Ty has been crawling around like crazy for about three weeks now. It is so dang cute I love it but he is much more of a handful now. He wears me out! So since he is growing so fast I thought I would put some new pictures for everyone to see. I hate that my little baby is gone but he is becoming a very cute little boy. He THINKS he is very big.

This is him getting Mommy in gear to update the blog. He always wants to touch the computer. Maybe a sign of his future?

Here he is resting with Daddy after church. He is the biggest cuddlebug.

Here Daddy is giving him a good education on how to play the Wii. He is very intrigued.

Bath time is his favorite time of day. He loves to splash and splash until everything is soaked. (Including his Mommy)

This is him sleeping in his highchair. I had to take a pic cause it was to sweet.

And here is a video of him crawling, he hates the tile cause his pants slide but he is getting pretty good at it. His nose needs to be wiped so dont watch if snot urps you... :) Poor kid cant seem to get rid of this cold!