Friday, May 8, 2009

A fun day out with the cousins

So I have been meaning to put these on for about a month now but WOW! Time is absolutely flying! I got a job at a pediatric office and worked there for two weeks and then realized I was crazy to try and work during the day because I just dont have anyone to watch Ty, sooo... After an absolute nightmare of trying to shift him around and begging people to watch him (thank you sooo much Jen) I quit. :) But with the problem of money still present I decided to go back to the good old Sizz! :) So for the past three weeks I have been working 3 nights a week, 5-close, at the Sizzler in Orem. Yay! What can I say old habits die hard. But it actually has been good. They are paying me more then the pediatric office was and I pretty much get to pick my schedule plus, Joe gets to have lots of daddy time with Ty. So I feel good about it all around. Needless to say I have been running around like a crazy woman and the blogging world had to come in near the bottom of my list. :( So on to my actual post... This was the funnest day, my neice Haley works at the Lehi fire department and had us over to get a tour and take pictures on all the cool trucks. I cant wait to get some of these blown up for Ty's walls. ( I am trying to do his room in trucks, trains, and tractors) So here they are...

Isn't he just the cutest little fire chief you have ever seen? The red fire engine was out that day but this yellow one still turned out good. They had these cute little hats and badges for kids, Ty wants his off his head but it looked so cute!
We hope this is the only time he will ever be inside an ambulance! :) These are two of his cousins; Cambria and baby Beckham. I love cousin pictures they are the best.

We tried to get this real hat on him but of course he just wanted to crawl away. :) He loved to see all the different trucks they have, there was a lot! I cant believe how heavy those hats are, I would get a huge neck ache if I had to wear it!
Here he is driving the big engine. I love how tiny his cute little bum looks in that HUGE seat! And his little feet dangling over the edge. The lighting is kind of bad in this one but I had to put it on.
I LOVE this one! It is totally how the whole thing was going, Beckham just layed there being good, Cambria was talking like crazy, and Ty was just watching thinking what are we doing? (or just learning to be big like Cambria) He loves her. :)

He thinks he is so big in this one. I love the look on his face like "come and get me" while he 'drives' away. :)