Thursday, January 14, 2010

The past three months! :)

So the other night I was in on a chat with my sis in law who used to blog ALL the time and just hasn't had any time lately so now she just has to much to catch up and will probably never do it because she doesn't want to leave anything out. As she was saying this I thought "YES! that is exactly how I feel now!" Well everyone was saying how much they miss her blogs when one girl quetioned "Why dont you just start from now and work your way back when you get time?" So that is exactly what I am going to do! I love getting on and reading all of yours but now I guess its time to start adding my own again.
I have been known to only post when I have pictures... And to be honest I kind of despise taking them. I would much rather just be in the moment then looking at it through a lens. Basically you can say I am lazy. But fortunately I have a wonderful husband who, on occasion, loves to take pictures! Usually this only occur's on big events or vacations, hence the very few post's on my blog in the last year. I have been wanting to get on here and post about Halloween, we went to a very fun pumpkin patch where they had tons of little rides and a petting zoo which Ty loved; Hawaii, we were very fortunate to go to Oahu in November and had a GREAT time; and of course the Holidays... So as I was thinking over these major events I realized I have basically no pictures of christmas or New Years so I could easily blog about that even though I still have to upload my photos from my camera for the last 3 months! So I am sorry to say this one will be picture free and when I do get around to it I will post the only picture we took of the entire holiday season! :)
We had a great Christmas and hope all of yours was wonderful as well! It was very crazy as the Holidays always tend to be. We actually got all of Ty's shopping done in like November so we were not in all the crowded stores and when it came down to it we decided not to get eachother gifts, boring I know, but we have A LOT of big and EXPENSIVE things coming up. (There will be posts of all in the future) So Christmas morning was actually kind of quiet which was nice. Ty did get spoiled and now all his toys will not fit in his room so we are going to have to finish our basement! I am just glad to have any excuse to get it done. :) Then after gifts we went to Mom and Dad Seely's for brunch and we definitely got spoiled there!! Then my parents stopped by our house to see all of Ty's stuff and we ended the day at Joe's grandmas house. Christmas is also her birthday and she turned 80 this year! It was very fun to see lots of family and eat lots of good food.
Now I know all of that sounds pretty typical and you are probably thinking where was any of that crazy??? But the crazy part was before and after... This was my parents first Christmas home from their mission so everyone was really excited to be together. It seemed like every night there was another Christmas party at my Mom's house! We were practically there eating great food and melting into her couches the entire month! Then two days after Christmas my sister came into town from California and we all got together some more... My other sister has a cabin up Provo canyon and so we all went and stayed there for New Years and several more days. It was very fun but I think when my sister left Joe was very relieved to have no more of my family for awhile. My parents are in Cambodia visiting for this whole month so Joe is basically free. :)
That was pretty much our Holiday, now back to normal... January is my worst month out of the whole year! I just think it is very depressing! I quit my job the week before Christmas so now I am just staying at home. :) Very quiet and different but I am trying to get used to it. I LOVE being with Ty all the time he is soooo fun! I wish I had pictures to put on here it is definitely more boring without them. Oh well, I hope you are all having a great New Year and getting everything done that you want to. My next few post's will probably be backwards and out of place but hey thats me! :)