Monday, August 30, 2010


Alright here it all comes.... I hope that everyone has had a great summer this year. As it comes to an end I am filled with very mixed emotions! First of all I absolutely LOVE summer time, its great to get out of your house and take awesome vacations, get a nice sun tan... BUT... this one totally one hundred percent kicked my trash!!! :) I am sooooo looking forward to fall and having very little on my calendar!
Our summer started out a little crazy... First off I swear spring allergy season lasted until the beginning of this month and was extra bad! I broke the first bone of my life, it was just my middle toe but took two months to heal because it was completely fractured in two different places! And to top it all off we got some fantastic news that we are adding another member to our family! :) I have awful first trimester's so that brought with it lots of throwing up and many other aches and pains! Needless to say that entering into this new season I was a little less than excited for all the big things we had planed.
As we got home from Ireland in the spring we hit the ground running. About six days later Joe put me and Ty on an airplane and we headed off for my favorite place on earth, DISNEYLAND!!! Our computer has been really retarded the last year so all of these following pictures are taken off of facebook and are not the best quality. But until we can get rich and buy a new one this is what you get. :)
I met my parents who were there staying in a beach house in Newport for a month, (very jealous) and my sister and her family who live in Huntington, (extra jealous) and we all had a very fun day in Disneyland. It was Ty's third time there (once in the womb and once when he was five months) but this was the first time he could really enjoy it. It was so fun to take him on all the rides and watch the parades. He did sooooo great the whole day and his favorite thing was definitely bugs land. (pictured above) He wore those glasses the whole show. I couldn't believe it. Cant wait to go back again... :)
We were only in California for two days before we flew back but we had to get some beach time while we were there. So the second day we just spent playing in the water and sand. It was pretty chilly but Ty loved to put his feet in and run from the waves. This was his first experience playing in the sand and I think we are going to have a beach buddy on our hands. He loved it!
We finished our basement in February and hadn't really used it much, so we decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party. We made everyone wear these hats and do a mexican hat dance. (I have joes on video and it was pretty hilarious) :) It was so nice to have the extra space. I am very grateful that we were able to get it done.
To kick off the warm weather finally, (it seems like summer didn't come till forever this year) we got out this little blow up pool for the first time and Ty went crazy! He loves water and didn't even mind that it was FREEZING cold from the hose. He just hopped right in. The only problem was he wanted me to get in with him. I think he needs a sibling. ;) Good thing there is one on the way! We have used this waaaay to many times this summer, we will be sad to deflate it and put it away soon...
We also bought a season pass to Thanksgiving point. We went to the Dinosaur museum they have there with my niece and her little boy and Ty loved it so what could I do??? It is just right around the corner from us and its a good way to get out of the house during the day. Plus we can use it when it gets cold.
A tradition we have started doing is going to the Lehi rodeo every year. They put on a really good show and Ty loved to watch the horses and play with his cousin Cambria. (I am not sure which he enjoyed more...)

By far his favorite thing there was the halftime motocross show they put on. He was shouting, laughing and pointing at the motorcycles. It had his attention the whole time, he literally would not take his eyes off them. :)
We had two family reunions the same week this year which was, to say the least, CRAZY!! I was in charge of the one for my side of the family so we had to be there the whole time but we squeezed in a few days with Joe's at Bear Lake and it actually worked out really good. It was a lot of work and alot of camping but when it was all over we took lots of good memories home with us. :) The above pic is with my fam in Flaming gorge. Ty just loved being with all the cousins and crazy family.

The second day of mine we ran the Green River with my whole family and it was crazy. We made our boat the "baby boat" and so we were full with most of the tiny ones. It was a ton of fun and Ty had a blast looking for "sharks" in the water with his cousins. But if I had it to do over again I would not take so many babies... It made it pretty stressful for a panic head like me. :)
I am not sure why this one turned out so small but here it is... Our final adventure of the summer was another trip to California we took a week and a half ago. I just cannot get enough of this place!! If Joe's job wasn't here there would be no question in our minds about moving there. Joe was dying to get there sometime this year and I am always up for it so we took off with my brother and his family and headed down. My sister was doing some beach camping that they do every year and so we decided to crash it. :) It was AWESOME! The campsites are on the edge of this cliff looking down on the beach so you hear the ocean all the time and the view is amazing! It's perfect because you walk down to the beach, spend all morning there, come back to camp for lunch and then head back down. Plus there is a fun little town across the road that you walk to and get these really tasty donuts... Mmmmmm... Its a good thing I am pregnant and dont have to watch what I am eating. :)
We didn't do Disneyland this time because I hate it in the summer with all the crowds. :( Plus money is becoming a little tight after all the playing we did. :) We had such a great trip though we went to all our favorite spots, including Ruby's in Huntington which is pictured above. Its the funnest little restaurant and they have great shakes! Well I hope everyone had an awesome summer also and that they are all getting settled back into school. :( Fall is my favorite season of all so I am excited for lots of new fun adventures...