Monday, February 23, 2009

One from my hubby

Alright Joe has been wanting me to post this ever since we moved in, so baby this ones for you... *ATTENTION* Saratoga Springs residents (and everyone else) You are all in luck because the great and powerful Joe and Missy Seely family have just joined your community. And not only that, the wonderful head of the family has decided to represent you all and run for your mayor! So here is a tantilizing little bit for you to wet your taste buds on your newest candidate for office. Joseph Tyler Seely... He was born in 1980 to a wonderful family who couldn't have raised him better. After a slightly strange (Jonah, Brad, and Drewb) but good childhood he decided to spread his wings and move to St. George. He wandered lost and aimless for awhile doing many things that should not be mentioned (since we WANT your vote) until he made the wise decision to move to Provo where he met his saving grace ;) and made the best decision of his life to marry her! (he had better agree with me on that one) He then preceded to be the best husband until his son was born and he added best father to his long list of pros. He enjoys just about anything and anyone. Joe does not make enemies well (dont hold that against him in these politics please) but he keeps friends forever. He loves to do anything outdoors, except camp in the dirt, that he has to do first class (Thanks Dad Seely). If he hasn't tried it once he will, except when it comes to food, he is a little afraid of some pretty mild things though he is not by any means a chicken ;). He is forever the BIGGEST BYU football fan. This man bleeds blue!!! And he loves his family which is of course the best thing of all. So if any of you dont want to WASTE your vote on the next election vote for Mayor Seely! I have enclosed his campaign pictures for your enjoyment.

*WARNING* If any of you like Obama as the president you may want to cast your ballot else where. Mr. Seely's first action in office will be to get him out of our number one seat!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Who came up with this holiday anyway?

So last Friday my wonderful husband tells me that he thinks that Valentines Day is the stupidest holiday and that it was only created by store owners to help them get through the slow time between Christmas and Easter. I was insulted! I LOVE Valentines! I just think it is the best because it gives you a chance, not just to tell, but to show the person you love the most how much they mean to you. Now I know that you could do the very same things on a regular day but honestly do you? As we battled back and forth about this idea he confesed that he just hates the pressure of the whole thing. He thinks that you can be a great husband 364 days of the year but if you screw up that one day then you pay for it the rest of your life. Now seriously are we women that horrible? Does one day really mean THAT much? Well I am not going to speak for eveyone else but to me... Of course NOT! All I want is to have a day that I can spend with my husband uninterupted without arguments or stress of work and just be happy. No big productions or spending lots of money that we dont have, just bliss... Is that really to much to ask? Well after all this I got up the next day and the house was all decorated with paper hearts and I had a beautiful boquet of homemade paper flowers... What can beat that? When the one you love spends so much time thinking of you and working so hard to make you happy. There is nothing better in the world. So if it takes a dumb holiday that is just made up like Valetines Day to get such a wonderful surprise I will take it! So for those that hate this wonderful holiday that is great. But as for me I couldn't be happier with my perfectly happy day and my perfectly handsome husband.