Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If you have no teeth do you still need to brush????

So to start out this story you all need to know that Ty HATES it when I brush my teeth, I am not sure why, but it usually consists of lots of screaming (on both our parts!) :) Very weird I know... Finally after many episodes I figured out that while he hated me brushing, he was however very intrigued with the tube of toothpaste, I am not sure if he likes the bright colors or if he is just plotting out his revenge on it. But for about two minutes a day I can have sanity while I clean my teeth. Well awhile back I found a little toothbrush that I had recieved on an airplane and I thought maybe he would like that as well, I gave it to him and he seemed pretty pleased. So today started out with the usual crying, I gave him his little toothbrush and his tube of toothpaste and continued on brushing. It got really quiet so I kept on brushing... Still really quiet... I looked down to see what he was up to and he had the tip of the toothpaste (lid on) pointed at the brush of the toothbrush and he was squeezing it. I thought is he really trying to put that on there? No way. Then he put the toothbrush in his mouth and started making "brushing motions" I hurried and spit out my toothpaste and lost it! I thought it was the funniest thing ever that he was trying to brush his "teeth" As soon as I started laughing he got the biggest grin on his face and started giggling, then he went into turbo speed and started brushing even faster and laughing almost as hard as I was! For those of you that dont know, my son is very VERY late in getting any teeth, he finally has one little one on the bottom front that is about halfway in and thats it. Yes he is fourteen months old and is just barely getting his first tooth! So I really have no clue what he thinks he was doing maybe his gums felt dirty :) But it gave me a good laugh and made my morning so I thought I would share. Hope you find some humor in my goofy little man as well. :)

It is about time!

*** WARNING this is very long so only start if you dare :)***

Hello bloging world I am BACK! I have been really sick of seeing the same old post on my poor blog, and I am sure many of you would agree. :) But the lack of posting must mean that I am out enjoying my summer and living life to the fullest right? I WISH! This summer has been CRAZY! I am very done with working, even if it is just two nights a week, and I have just given up on cleaning my house or any other wifely duty. :) If anyone knows of a maid service and lots of cash just laying around please send them my way! I have been meaning to get on here and update forever but everytime I start there is just to much to do so I give up. Soooo... I will try to compact all of our happenings from the last three months into a mere paragraph and a few pictures and then move on.
When I started out this summer I knew it was going to be a full one but what I didnt know was that my husbands great luck was just going to fill it even more. I swear I really do have the luckiest husband in the world (and not just cause he is married to me ;) He has won so many things I cannot keep track... He started off the season with Taylor Swift concert tickets, next he surprised me with two Lagoon season passes, and to top it all off he wins two FRONT ROW George Strait tickets and as if that weren't enough they were accompanied by backstage passes! I swear I dont know where he gets it but I am glad I am along for the ride. :) We had purchased Kenny Chesney tickets earlier this year and by the time that concert came along I was completely worn out, but because we had actually paid for these and we were going with Joe's cousin and his wife we went and afterwards I had to tell him no more. I need at least a month to recover!
My sister Shelly and her family were also in town from California for three weeks and so there were many crazy family get togethers started by our family reunion in Bear Lake. It was a great trip filled with camping, beach, waverunning, great food and LOTS of awesome family! The weather was perfect and we all had a blast. My neice Haley also tied to knot and so did Joe's best friend Brad. So there were lots of bridal showers, bachlore and bachlorette parties to fill whatever seconds I had left to breathe. On Thursday we are going to my sisters cabin up Provo canyon for a sort of family reunion with Joe's family until Sunday. We are very excited to get together with all of them and share lots of laughs and craziness as well. :) We have one more wedding the following week for my other niece and then I cant think of anything else for a few weeks at least... I cant wait!!! I am going to actually have a night off that I can maybe con my hubby into curling up in front of a movie or something very low key!
Even though it has been hectic and I cant wait to slow down for awhile I am very happy with it all. Everything has been so great and I am so grateful that our lives are sooooooo blessed with people that we love all around us and that we are able to participate in all these great things. I couldn't ask for a better family on either side or for a better husband and son. I just hope that our great Country can hold out a little longer so we can enjoy all the things we do for a few more years. But ultimately the Lord has us all in mind and as for us we are certainly enjoying the journey. If any of you actually made it this far I am VERY impressed! Sorry to unload my whole summer all at once but now I can actually start keeping up again. (I hope) :) Here are just a few highlights of all the activities, there ended up being a lot but aren't pictures the best part?
Here Joe is with the King of Country Mr. George Strait!
It was pretty cool to meet him.
Us with Joe's cousin and his wife at Kenny Chesney
We bought these boots for Ty when we went to the Lehi rodeo but he got to wear them here too. :)
Ty Sharing his food with Daisy at Bear Lake. This little high chair saved our lives up there. You can kind of see our little camp, that is our tent in the background.

Ty loved playing in the sand. It was pretty cute watching him do his little stink bug crawl all over the place.

He LOVED the water. It was just shallow enough here that he could crawl and splash all over in it. He didnt like it when I would pick him up.

My parents just bought a boat and we took it up to Jordanelle for her maiden voyage. The water was still pretty cold but Ty didn't mind, he loved just hanging off the back splashing with his little hand.

We took one day and went to Hogle Zoo. This is in front of the monkey cage they were definitely Ty's favorite. He sleplt through a lot of the rest. :)
And I almost forgot to tell the most exciting thing that happened... My baby turned ONE!!!! He really is a different kid lately. So grown up it makes me very sad. He is VERY talkative and he has walked a little but still prefers to crawl. He loved to smash his cake everywhere. We had a little party with Joe's family and then one with mine. It was very fun to celebrate.
He liked to tear the paper and then he was excited when he saw what was inside!

This was his favorite toy. He is such a little climber that we thought the best thing to get him would be something to climb on that was safe. As soon as we had it set up he climbed right up to the top, stood there and shouted like he had conquered the world. It was very cute!

He loves to slide down the slide but gets a little nervous every time.

I had to put this one on here to tell you what he does. He loves this train before he got his birthday present he would climb all over it like this and think he was so big well then he figured out that he could drag it where he wants and use it to get onto things. Now I cant leave him alone with it for two seconds because I come back in and he is in the craziest places. The other day I came in and he had used it to climb the entertainment center and was banging on the TV! Its a good thing he is cute.

And the last one. He has figured out now that the fridge means food so whenever it is open he hauls right over to it and starts eating whatever he can. The other day he pulled down a bowl of grapes and sat there on the floor stuffing his mouth so proud of what he found.