Thursday, December 11, 2008

The experience of a lifetime!

Alright I know there is alot here but WOW! That is the only word for this trip. Tyler and I had the great opportunity to go visit my parents on their mission in Cambodia. There is just WAY to much to put in here about it, but here are some highlights. We were gone for two and a half weeks and it was to long to be away from my cute hubby. But it was soooooo great to have my parents meet their newest grandson. I loved it! The country over there is very third world and because of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot they are set about 50 years back from all the other countries around them. Its very sad but the people are so great. They just loved us from the moment they met us. We toured the whole country from the Killing fields to the Angkor Wat ruins. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget and that Ty will never remember. :) To bad. We have lots of pictures to prove he was there though. Oh and yes those are fried Triantulas! A delicacy we were told. You wouldn't catch me eating one!

Do you know the Bumbo Man?

We got this for Ty awhile ago and he loves it! This was when he first sat in it and he thought he was just so big now that he could sit up on his own. We have a little baby Mozart video that he loves to watch so I just let him sit in this and watch it to his little hearts content. Aren't I a good Mom? Getting him addicted to TV already. :) Anyway he is almost sitting up on his own now without the bumbo but I just thought these were to cute to pass up.

Teaching him right from the start.

This year Joe's awesome parents gave us season tickets to the BYU football games. We figured now that we are parents we better get them started young. It was a little hard to find babysitters and so after missing a few games we just decided to take him with us and he did GREAT! He wasn't sure about all the screaming after touchdowns but he really was an angel. We wished that we had been taking him the whole season. Any how he is already a big cougar fan and Daddy can't wait until he is ready to tackle! Maybe he will play in the NFL and make his parents rich. :)