Monday, October 4, 2010


I had a really interesting experience this weekend that made me think about the way that I am and the way I come across to other people. We all (well most of us) want to be good people. The kind of people that are nice and do things to help others out, people who would never want to make anyone feel as badly as we have felt. Are we really accomplishing this??? I think that most of the time I am in my own little bubble and I truly think that I am being a kind person. I really do try to please people, I usually keep my mean feelings and opinions to myself (or my poor husband) ;) and if you ask me to do something, I like to think I would try to help you out. So here I live in my own little happy place.... then all of a sudden I am knocked over by the amazing things I witness all the time!

I am going to get a little side tracked for a minute to tell you about our weekend... We had an AWESOME weekend! I hope the rest of you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did. :) We started off the weekend Friday night with a costume party. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I thought what better way to celebrate than to throw a totally spooky party??? It turned out sooooo good! Pics will be coming when I get them on my computer. :) I hardly ever do anything without Ty and when I do I always leave him with Joe, so it was great to have a real couples night to just play and be with good friends. After everyone left I felt so grateful for the people in my life and especially to those that helped make it such a great night.

So now back to my question of what kind of person am I? I know so many people that would do anything for somebody else. They would literally give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. It doesn't matter if they would be freezing because they truly are more concerned about others than themselves. Can I put myself in their category??? I always want to help people when it puts as little inconvenience on me as possible. Luckily for me I have an awesome husband who naturally wants to do things to help out all the time. He is one of the best people I know (as long as I am not rubbing off on him) :) I want to spend more of my time in the company of people like this so that maybe I can get out of my bubble and realize that there is ALWAYS something you can do to help someone else, no matter what situation you are in yourself. It is always easier to think of excuses and justify them in your own mind, but I think when we push through the excuses and look at someone else's needs our own needs and even our wants get met as well. I am going to really try to be one of these people because the selfless people I know are my very favorite to be around!! :)

Its funny how a little support from a few people, at a dumb event can make you think! But really what side do I want to be on, the side that helps and supports people and has a great time doing it, :) or the side that just lets excuses get in the way and may not have the support when they need it? I am choosing to be on the support side! Here I put these questions and resolutions out into the blogging world again. Oh how I love to do that! Thanks again to everyone who came and participated in the festivities it was the perfect way to start a great weekend. And it made a perfect scenario for me to hopefully learn a few things and change the way I am a little bit! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! :)


Haley Nicole said...

Thanks Miss. I really liked this post. I know its something I could work on. Sometimes its easier to just stay in your "bubble" but I think you have more fun when you are out of your "bubble" :) sorry we missed Friday night. I heard it was a blast.

Ben said...

You are one of those people. HANDS DOWN. Do not worry. If I named the people I know who would do anything for anyone you are one of them. Just keep being great. You are great! Thanks for all your help last night! It ruled!